lunes, 12 de marzo de 2012

Oprah entrevista a hija de Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston’s daughter says she can feel her mother’s presence and is comforted by it — but she still can’t listen to her music.

“I can sing her music, but to hear it now, I can’t,’’ an emotional Bobbi Kristina Brown, 19, told Oprah Winfrey (left) in her first public interview — aired last night— since Houston’s death Feb. 11.

Still, “I can always feel her with me. She used to always say, ‘Do you need me?’ And I said, ‘I always need you.’

“Sometimes, [her death] is so surreal that I walk into the house and call, ‘Mom!’

“I can hear her voice in spirit talking to me, saying, ‘Keep moving, baby. I gotcha,’ ”

Houston’s sister-in-law, Pat Houston, recalled seeing the singer’s body after entering the star’s Beverly Hills suite to prepare for a pre-Grammy party.

“I heard screams, and I saw the hairstylist drop to her knees . . . And a woman opened her [hotel-room] door and said, ‘Is everything all right?’ And I said, ‘Dial 911,’ ” she told Oprah.

“When I got to the room, I saw my brother [Whitney’s security guard] trying to revive her to the point of exhaustion.

“And I said, ‘Ray . . . let her go.’

“He was on his knees. He said, ‘I tried.’ He was out of breath,’’ Pat said.

“And then I saw [Whitney]. She had a peaceful look on her face.’’

Bobbi Kristina said she and her mother spent their last day together curled up sleeping next to each other.

“I said, ‘You know, Mom, will you just come lay with me?’ She stayed with me all night,’’ the teen told Oprah.
Fuente New York Post

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